Beginner’s Guide to Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness:
Welcome to the wonderful world of pole fitness. We understand that the thought of starting pole can seem scary. There can be a lot of doubts like is it right for me and am I strong/fit enough?

Strength, flexibility, coordination, and age are not limiting factors when starting to pole dance. Our intro to pole course is designed to teach you the basics and get you comfortable moving with the pole and engaging/building the correct muscles through basic spins and climbs. We have no limits on age, if you are under 18 we ask you to join our junior or teen pole classes and our adult classes are open to everyone (our eldest pole dancer is 63!).

Important things to know before coming to your first class:
1) Don’t moisturise on the day, it will make your pole very slippery.
2) Wear short shorts and a singlet. Skin grip is important.
3) Bring a water bottle and a towel.
4) Shoes or no shoes it is up to you.
5) Come ready to have fun and challenge yourself!

Which class is best for me?
The best way to learn is by signing up for either a 4-week Intro to Pole course or an 8-week Beginner course. You attend the same class each week for either 4 or 8 weeks – working on the foundation moves, tricks and transitions. All students in the class are guaranteed their own pole and are also beginners! If you would like to try one class before signing up to a course, then there are a number of casual classes that run each week. We recommend attending either a Tricks class or a Spin class. The casual classes are of a mixed level and sometimes you may need to share a pole. The instructor will always provide you with a spin or trick based on your skill level.

How much does it cost?
Turbo Course (4 weeks) – $100
Block Course (8 weeks) – $200
Casual Class – $22