Yoga Instructor

Dancing and performing throughout her childhood, teenage years and even into her twenties, Tiffany developed a passion for moving her body and also teaching others from quite a young age. She was always the student helping other to get the moves right.

This passion has led to performing internationally, but also continuing her love of teaching through choreography. After packing away her dancing shoes, Tiffany found gym workouts didn’t quite mesh with how her heart felt and her body yearned to move more fluidly and after trying yoga for a change of pace, she was hooked! This practice quickly developed into a more mindful and holistic approach to not just exercise, but her entire life.

Tiffany is a qualified dance teacher, yoga teacher and holistic health coach based locally in Brisbane City and can be found online socially

Tiffany is extremely grateful and excited to be part of Hanger 66 and hopes to see you all on the mat!!