Take Flight

Take Flight 2019

Tickets are on sale now!

Take Flight is Hanger 66’s very own in-house pole competition to be held on Saturday, 19th of October 2019.

This event presents an opportunity for Hanger 66 students to polish their favourite tricks and share their passion with friends and family. Competitors are encouraged to pick a category that best represents their area of interest, and explore their creativity with help from our experienced instructors.

Take Flight will also host guest performances, independent judges and a performance from the H66 instructor team. We are extending the invitation to all members of the Brisbane pole community (and beyond!) to join us in celebration of our home-grown talent.  Tickets are priced at $55.


  • Novice Never competed before? This category was introduced with you in mind! There is no restriction on dance style as long as you take your first step into the spotlight with us.
  • Art With a focus on movement and musicality, this category gives you the opportunity to get creative and tell a story.
  • SportCompetitors are expected to confidently perform tricks and transitions smoothly while showcasing their strength and flexibility
  • Exotic Love those high heels and a more “come hither” type of dance? Whether you are inspired by Russian Exotic or the more sensual, slinky type of exotic dancing, we encourage you to step into your best Pleasers and show us your moves!


Event Details

Venue: Cannon Hill Anglican College, CHAC theatre
Address: Cnr Junction and Krupp roads Cannon Hill QLD 4170
Doors Open: 5:00pm
Event starts: 5:30pm

Judging Criteria

  • Execution – How to enter, exit and hold a trick.
  • Lines and extensions – Neat, long, extended lines. Correctly positioned and with pointed feet and no tension in your hands.
  • Strength- Power of the arms, core and legs. Holding and controlling the tricks and transitions.
  • Flexibility – Range of motion of the shoulders, legs and back.
  • Dynamic movement – Refers to the body in motion, power of the movement and control of the momentum (drops, catches, leg switches, spins that take the body away from the pole, etc.).
  • Transition and flow – Movements between tricks, from pole to floor and floor to pole.
  • Presentation and stage presence – Costume, music interpretation, story, use of stage, x-factor.
  • Synchronisation – If performing as a double or trio you will be judged on synchronisation on and off the pole.
Lines & Extensions20101020
Dynamic Movement10101010
Transition & Flow10201020
Presentation & Stage Presence20201020

First and second placing for each category will be announced.


We are currently on the lookout for prize sponsors and stall holders, who wish to promote their product to hundreds of local pole enthusiasts and their friends. Please email info@hanger66.com.au for more info.