Term 6 is currently in progress and anyone is welcome to join Casual Classes (Yellow) or Open Practice (Grey)!

Most Casual Classes are suitable for beginners, except for @hanger.66 class on Tuesday and Nemesis Tricks on Saturday.[object Object]


We like to keep things fresh! In Term 6 we are offering the following courses:

  • Spin on Static (4-week course, Mondays, 8pm – starting November 18th ) – Take your static tricks to the next level by learning how to control your movements and master rotations on the static pole. Students will also learn the details that will take their tricks and combos to the next level of fluidity. Recommended for students that can invert and leg hang.
  • Straddles and Spreadies (4-week course, Mondays, 8pm – starting November 18th ) – This course is designed for those students that would like to improve their overall flexibility and straddle splits. If you are working towards the elusive spatchcock this course would be particularly beneficial. Not only will you be increasing your range of motion, but you will also be getting stronger in your end of range movement. No minimum level of flexibility required and there will be variations for all levels. Before and after pictures will be taken to track progress
  • Doubles (4-week course, Tuesdays, 8pm – starting November 19th) – What is better than pole class? Pole class with a buddy! Come along and learn the art of doubles pole, with all the fun doubles spins and fly-and-base moves. Coming alone? No problems – we’ll find you a friend!
  • Front and Back Levers (4-week course, Wednesday, 7.30pm – starting November 20th) – Levers are the flags of the calisthenics world! A highly desirable skill, levers look as if they defy the law of physics! But don’t let that discourage you, as there are plenty of progressions and exercises you can learn in order to unlock the lever! Students will use rings, bars, rubber bands and other equipment, under the guidance of Johno Gaillard of Brisbane Barstuds.
  • Intro to Cali (4-week course, Thursdays, 7pm – starting November 21st) – We offer an introductory course for anyone who wants to learn the foundations of body-weight training, with a strong focus on technique and safety. Restricted to 10 students only, this course will leave you feeling confident to be able to train any time, anywhere – using just gravity and your own bodyweight! More info here.


Did you spend the winter in front of Netflix? Dreading going back to class and feeling meh…? Well, you might have found the little push you need! Join us for dedicated fitness classes every Wednesday morning, with Catherine – our enthusiastic boot camp and pilates instructor, from the UK. Split into two sections, BACK ON TRACK and REFINE will leave you feeling confident, energetic and healthy!


You don’t need to be a member to enjoy classes at Hanger 66. We have a number of Casual Classes running every day, ranging from Pole to Pilates and everything in between! These are all highlighted in yellow on the timetable. You can pay as you go or you can buy a package to save money. If you are coming to three or more casual classes per week, we recommend you look into our memberships.

Purchase individual casuals or packs via our store – packages on the bookings page.


Single Casual Class:
$251 casual class

5 Class Pack
$100 (Save $25)5 casual classes

13 Class Pack
$250 (Save $75!)13 casual classes

7 Day Pass
Open Practice / Hanger Jam$101 session
Junior Class Pass$151 class

Our Location

2/24 Brereton Street
South Brisbane 4101

We enjoy free street parking available on weekends and after 5pm weekdays