Term 3 is currently in progress and anyone is welcome to join Casual Classes (Yellow) or Open Practice (Grey)!

Block and Turbo Courses have already started, but if you would like to join late – please email us.

Most Casual Classes are suitable for beginners, except for @hanger.66 class on Tuesday and Nemesis Tricks on Saturday.


You don’t need to be a member to enjoy classes at Hanger 66. We have a number of Casual Classes running every day, ranging from Pole to Pilates and everything in between! These are all highlighted in yellow on the timetable. You can pay as you go or you can buy a package to save money. If you are coming to three or more casual classes per week, we recommend you look into our memberships.

  • Single Casual Class: $22
  • 5 Class Pass: $90
  • 13 Class Pass: $220
  • 7 Day Unlimited Pass: $70
  • Open Sessions and Hanger Jam: $10
  • Junior Classes (45mins): $15
  • Purchase individual casuals or packs via our store – packages on the bookings page.


Term 4 commences Monday, 1st of July and all courses are open for enrollments! Please do not hesitate in booking your classes, as our classes fill up fast!

Buying more than one course? Check out our specials to save you money!

You can now purchase our specials online – just remember to login into your account to select your courses.


We like to keep things fresh! In Term 4 we are offering the following Turbo Courses:

  • Stripxotic (4-week course, Mondays, 8pm – starting July 1st) – Stripxotic is the new Exotic! Heavily influenced by European Dance Competitions, such as Frameup and Strip, this dance style is characterised by content-heavy choreography and beat-driven accents. Over the course of four weeks, students will rediscover beats, melodies and counts – while learning how to move with precision and grace. Not for the faint-hearted, this course is best suited to students who have done a number of Pole Choreo classes or have considerable dance experience.
  • Splits Turbo (4-week course, Mondays, 8pm – starting July 1st) – Learn how to achieve splits at any age in a safe and healthy manner, avoid common mistakes and injuries. Over the course of four weeks, students will work on front and middle splits at our dedicated stretch space upstairs; using a variety of methods, including partner work, foam rollers, yoga straps and much more. Students of all levels are encouraged to consider this class, no minimum flexibility level required!
  • Wall Bars (4-week course, Mondays, 8pm – starting 29th of July) – Consider Wall Bars your perfect stretch partner! Also known as the Swedish Wall, this versatile piece of custom build equipment will enable you to work towards your flexibility goals, such as splits, backbends and forward folds. Your instructor will also cover strengthening exercises, including PNF and resistance bands. Perfect for those students who are committed to improving their flexibility, with and without a (human) stretch partner.
  • Splits Tricks (4-week course, Mondays, 8pm – starting 29th of July) – Put your splits to good use! Whether you just completed Splits Turbo (above) or have been coming constantly to Contortion & Stretch, you will discover a whole new world of possibilities on the pole with your new found range of movement. This course is recommended to students who can invert, climb and leg hang.
  • Intro to Cali (4-week course, Thursdays, 7pm) – We have a dedicated course running for students who are just beginning their fitness journey, using calisthenics. In this 4 week course, students will learn the foundations of body-weight training, with a strong focus on technique and safety. You will walk away from the class feeling the confidence to train any time, anywhere – using just gravity and your own bodyweight! This course is only $75 for absolute beginners (normally $100), book online to secure your spot! Learn more here.
  • Sass it Out (4-week course, Saturdays, 10am) – Do you want to be that performer who draws everyone’s attention when they dance and keeps the audience on their toes? ‘Sass it Out’ turbo block is exactly what you need! You will master fun and fierce routine that will bring out your attitude, cheekiness and push your showmanship through the roof. You will let your hair down off and on the pole, and free your sassiness…And the best part is that you can choose to dance bare feet, with sneakers, boots or pole shoes!


  • Expressive Floor (Wednesdays 7pm) – Is your choreo missing a little bit of attitude, expression or extension? We have a new class for you! Focusing on subtle movement to express yourself through dance, facial expressions, perfecting floor work and feeling yourself, this class is the perfect way to learn how to better engage your audience on and off the pole!
  • Dance Class (Tuesdays 6pm and Thursdays 7pm) -Due to popular demand we have added a second Dance Class to our timetable! Suitable for complete beginners, this Casual Class covers new dance choreography every week – from K Pop to Reggaeton. Join the Student Group to know what’s coming up!
  • Yoga Classes (Vinyasa on Thursdays 5pm and Hatha Saturdays 9am) – You asked and we listened! Our dedicated Yogis requested to know in advance the style of yoga to be taught in each class, so we nominated Thursday to offer Vinyāsa Flow (specific moves arranged in a sequence) while Hatha Yoga is to be taught on Saturdays (gentle, slow and great for beginners, where you will hold poses longer)
  • Skills and Drills (Tuesdays 4pm and Saturdays 9am)  – This gymnastics style class is expanding! Learn how to cartwheel, handstand and acro with Glenda. Suitable for kids aged 5+ and adults.

Our Location

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We enjoy free street parking available on weekends and after 5pm weekdays