Turbo Blocks

We have a number of specialty courses that run in four-week intervals. This may be to hone in on a specific area of pole dancing like handsprings and shouldermounts or to do a choreography block where you get to learn and perfect the same routine for four weeks.

Not all 4-week blocks may run each term, please check the timetable to see what ones are currently running. If there is a 4-week block you would really like to see on the timetable please contact reception.

Intro to Pole

This course is perfect for ABSOLUTE beginners who are new to pole fitness and do not have dance or gymnastics background. This course will contain basic spins, transitions and tricks. Learn how to save $25 here

Split tricks 

Put your splits to good use! Whether you completed Splits Turbo or have been coming constantly to Contortion & Stretch, you will discover a whole new world of possibilities on the pole with your new found range of movement. This course is recommended to students who can invert, climb and leg hang. 

Doubles Pole

What is better than pole class? Pole class with a buddy! Come along and learn the art of doubles pole, with all the fun doubles spins and fly-and-base moves. Coming alone? No problems – we’ll find you a friend!

Sass it out 

Do you want to be that performer who draws everyone’s attention when they dance and keeps the audience on their toes? ‘Sass it Out’ turbo block is exactly what you need! You will master a fun and fierce routine that will bring out your attitude, cheekiness and push your showmanship through the roof. You will let your hair down off and on the pole, and free your sassiness… And the best part is that you can choose to dance bare feet, with sneakers, boots or pole shoes!


Stripxotic is the new Exotic! Heavily influenced by European dance competitions, such as Frameup and Strip, this dance style is characterised by content-heavy choreography and beat driven accents. Over the course of 4 weeks, students will rediscover beats, melodies and counts – while learning how to move with precision and grace. Not for the faint hearted, this course is best suited to students who have done a number of Pole Choreo classes or have considerable dance experience.